Pimp My Land Rover – 12 Custom Rovers

Pimp My Land Rover – 12 Custom Rovers

Like the old saying goes “Pimpin’ ain’t easy!” These Land Rover enthusiasts know that’s a fact, but that hasn’t stopped them from customizing their Defender, G4, or old school Rover to make it their own. Some show off their personality through decals, unique design and paint. Other flash rims and some, well some take it just a little too far. Check out some of the hottest (and strangest) custom Land Rovers on the road today.

custom defender

Who said tribal ink was only good for the lower backs of barely legal college girls?

land rover concept

Class personified through this Range Rover concept – featuring chrome rims, a “Woody” side panel, special grill and a rear hatch to hide away your romantic picnic supply.

Land Rover G4

The all new Aquatic Ranger Rover (life raft sold separately).

Land Rover police car

Brit police really take their Land Rovers seriously!

land rover police car

Ok, here’s a real Land Rover patrol vehicle.

range rover police

Along with a Range Rover Emergency Response Vehicle.

pimped land rover

Yes even you, douche bag, can have your very own Land Rover.

pimped land rover

Redneck Land Rover knows no fear of Mississippi mud.

pimped land rover

Fly, little Range Rover, fly!

pimped land rover

Forget the short bus, try the short Defender!

pimped land rover

Old school Land Rover Defender gets an urban upgrade.

tupac land rover

Apparently, these rappers are still alive after all – and they are pimping out Land Rover!

3 Responsesto “Pimp My Land Rover – 12 Custom Rovers”

  1. last two are photoshopped….lame… like the rest

  2. The short one is a fairly common, if badly executed, crew cab and is actually no shorter than a stock 90.

    This page seems to be mostly rather poor photoshops, shame when there are so many far better (and stranger) modified LR’s out there.

  3. Please give us real pics not edited stuff. damn man!!!!!! love the rest but the last two are a waste geez we not dull

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