Happy 60th Birthday Land Rover

Happy 60th Birthday Land Rover

Land Rover is celebrating its 60th Anniversary with a gathering at their Lode Lane, England plant, which includes a speech by special guest Prince Charles. Land Rover owners from the past 60 years are showing off their collections at the event. Expect to see rare Land Rover models from the past six decades on display to the public for the first time.

Land Rover Defender
Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender
The Defender during combat patrol

Many of the Rovers showing up are Defenders – an estimated 70-80% of Defenders are still in use to this day. It proves the staying power of these magnificent machines.

Land Rover Huey

The first Land Rover came off its assembly line in 1948 (pictured above) called the Hue or Huey.

Land Rover
This Land Rover appears to be doing a Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1 inpression

The Range Rover has become one of the most popular civilian Rover models when it comes to sales. Though the original Land Rovers were built for military purposes, and due to rationing were constructed with aluminum instead of steel, along with other materials left over from airplane factories.

Range Rover
The non-military Range Rover

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  1. Hi, nice to see a celebration of the Land Rover.
    As a point of interest though, the vehical you show as being the first produced in 1948 is actually a Series II which were made from about 1959 as shown on rsoc.demon.co.uk/html/contents.htm

  2. Thanks for straightening that out friend!

  3. This atrlice went ahead and made my day.

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