Get into a Range Stormer – For $500,000

Coming to your direct from West Coast Customs Dubai (yes, THAT Dubai. WCC has really branched out) comes a reproduction of the Range Stormer concept.

Range Stormer

This street legal form of a high-powered, two-doored, desert-combing Land Rover concept was originally brought to the Middle East thanks to a (polite?) suggestion of the Dubai royal family. West Coast Customs is figuring their Ranger-Rover-on-crack concept will do so well that their Dubai facility is pumping out a few more, ranging (no pun intended) from $500,000 to $1.6 million US.

Land Rover Ranger Stormer

Perhaps Star Wars fans will find similarities between this vehicle and Dodge’s Avenger Storm Trooper concept…or maybe it’s just the word “Storm” accompanied by a white on black paint scheme. Thanks to Jalopnik & AutoTrade Dubai for the original story.

Range Stormer Interior

14 Responsesto “Get into a Range Stormer – For $500,000”

  1. Think this will go down as one of the most expensive automobiles in history?

  2. Je suis interessé par les jantes Stormer de cette voiture
    Ou pourrais-je les commander et de quelle taille sont-elles ?
    Merci pour votre réponse


    Paul Hamels


  4. i blive this car has been customaised by matal shid its samilier to my work

  5. good the best

  6. this is not bat ma garage can work on it far much better just bring one n u will pick your jaw down. just try me.

  7. I think it looks incredible. The amount of skill that goes into creating something like that is unbelievable. However i dont understand the price variation from 500k to 1.6 mill. I dont think 600k worth of options exist. Nonetheless awesome vehicle definite head turner

  8. No chance, its nothing like the real thing?

    where are the Gull Wing doors 4 a start?

  9. ok so its got Gull Wing doors!

    It’s still nothing like the real thing!!

  10. its a beauty but not worth the money,i have a2010 esv escalade, tricked out with same doors, worth more than this! Let me ask you, if you get hit in the door and the person needs to get out, how do they do it????

  11. I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m only $499,992 away

  12. I can bye a lambo 4 that money!!!!!!! NvM what i just said, LAMBO TIME!!!!!!!!!

  13. You guys need to know how to read & write, your english is so terrible. You ONLY know how to mention the price LOL!
    Also ….. $500.000 dollars for this piece of shit, are you guys crazy, or are you on drugs ??? It’s not even attractive.

  14. I saw wcc make the first one for the president of Dubai. And it’s a intense build. They take the supercharged rover and change 95% of the interior. When you see how many hours went into making the truck you would understand the price.

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